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    Wonderful Days Preschool focuses on the following set of goals:

  • Promote academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth in the children we serve.

  • Provide a well planned curriculum with both long and short term goals.

  • Teach basic readiness skills in reading and math.

  • Teach science, health, social skills, and life skills through daily activities.

  • Encourage children to work independently.

  • Help children to develop good listening skills.

  • Provide a nurturing, safe and stimulating learning environment.

  • Encourage children to be responsible for their behavior and to demonstrate self-discipline.

  • Provide a time for social interaction between children.


  • Ensure that children are correctly supervised.

  • Help the children to build a good self-image and a positive attitude.

  • Encourage the children to respect others and their belongings.

  • Practice examples of fairness, kindness, and patience.

  • Keep the children's interest so they are eager to come to school.

  • Send each child home feeling good about her/his day.

  • Notice every accomplishment no matter how small and let the children know their feelings are shared.

  • Assist with referral of  availables services for children and families. 

Wonderful Days Preschool uses the Scholastic "Big Days for PreK" curriculum - a bilingual, thematic, literacy-based resource.

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