16th Annual

Wonderful Days of Winter 5K Fun Run (This year a "FUND Run")

Greetings to our friends of Wonderful Days Preschool!  We want all of you to know that our biggest annual fundraiser is here!  The 16th Annual Wonderful Days of Winter 5K Fun Run normally occurs in early January.  But due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we will not have an actual race this year. Instead, we will have a “FUND Run,” a no sweat event.  Our participants are our donors (hopefully, that’s you!), and you will all receive our coveted t-shirts (and first place in our hearts!).  We have attached a sponsorship form below. Follow the directions on the form. We will send a donation thank you letter for tax purposes.  If you are not already receiving our newsletters, we will put you on the list. Please share this form with friends because who wouldn’t want to support this unique community treasure!  The registration form gives more information about WDP, including what some donation levels will provide for the school. The deadline for a t-shirt is December 31, 2020. Thank you so much for your loving and thoughtful support!